Poem #1
Florida Weddings on the Go

May You Always

May you always feel the happiness you celebrate today.
May the sun always shine brightly on your lives.
May you be there for each other, through your journey come what may.
May you wake up every morning with a smile on your face.
And may you always find delight in every close embrace, for you have finally found the love you’ve
waited for.
Poem #2
I am the happiest I've ever been

I am the happiest I've ever been.
My loneliness will be forever gone.
When you're away, my empty feelings spin,
But after this, I'll always be at home.
You're the only person in the world
From whom I cannot stand to be apart.
But now in your devotion I'll be curled,
Just as you'll take shelter in my heart.
And so we two create a separate thing
In which we dwell mystically as one.
Neither you nor I will solo sing
Once this strange new harmony's begun.
How sweet to join with you in this new life,
Not only as myself, but as your wife.
Poem #3
In Memory

We wish that [name] could be with us this very special day,
'Cause he [or she] was like a rush of sun before he [or she] went away.

We light this candle so that we might bring him [or her] here awhile,
we remember his bright flame, his [or her] laughter and his [or her] smile.

We wish that he [or she] could share with us the happiness we feel,
'Cause knowing that he [or she] knew our joy would make it all more real.

But even though he's [she's] not with us, his presence is still strong,
'Cause in his [or her] heart we'll always find the love for which we long.

Note: If you don't want to have a candle-lighting ceremony, simply leave out the second verse. Also
feel free to change the poem to the plural ("We wish our parents were with us," "We wish our loved
ones were with us," etc.).
Poem #4
This is a second marriage for us both

This is a second marriage for us both,
And yet we are the soul mates of our lives.
Sometimes it's a while till love arrives,
Though we may watch it sail along the coast.
Sometimes we fail to understand that pain
Can be a journey to a sunlit shore.
We never know what suffering is for,
Or when we lose, what treasures we might gain.

And so I'm grateful now that I am free
To join my life with yours. I would not change
One moment of my past, or rearrange
The shining chain that brings your love to me.